The Bride and Groom


Charlotte & Adam


He added me on Facebook when I was at university. I didn’t know  this weird looking middle aged man adding random young girls he’d never met, but his best friend was going out with my best friend at the time, and he offered me a Disney film (he said the Lion King but didn’t even have it), snacks and wine – Deal.

6 months later when I’d left the country and was chatting with my boss about him, I realised I kinda liked him (and he buys me wine). The rest is history.

How would I describe Adam?

Shy, retiring, modest, quiet, serious……none of these. Big mouth, big personality, biggest heart.


We met through Facebook (well she kinda stalked me a bit), she invited herself round to my apartment, ate all my breadsticks and polished off two bottles of wine!  Watched Aladdin (her choice) but I rather enjoyed that!

She then moved to the South of France and realised wine is nicer out there, and asked ‘do you fancy coming to visit??’.
Nice and Monaco grew on me from the off, Charlotte on the other hand took a little bit longer! The rest (along with my bank balance) is history.

How would I describe Charlotte?
Bossy, opinionated, messy, laughs like Eddie Murphy……..ALL OF THESE! But seriously can (occasionally) be sweet, kind and cuddly.

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