A Grand (Wedding) Day Out – Saturday 6th December 2014

Timings not set in stone but just to give you an idea….

1pm (or whenever Charlotte rocks up) – We tie the knot and become Mr & Mrs Craigie. Scary/exciting.

2:30pm – Bus down to the TicketHall Train Station and do some posing for the wedding pics.

3pm – All aboard!  Drinks and nibbles on board the Isle of Man Steam Train, or if you prefer you can relax in the Ticket Hall restaurant.

5pm – Off to our reception at the Masonic Lodge, Douglas. More drinks and food – hurrah!

5:30pm – Get comfy for the speeches and then dinner is served!

7:30pm – Time to cut the cake

8pm – First dance then it’s time to get your Ceilidh dancing shoes on and all swing each other round and clap like we know what we’re doing.

10pm – Step on the mic while the DJ revolves it. It’s disco time.

11pm – More food to re-energize/soak up all the booze!

12pm –  #bedtime